About Me

I've always been a tomboy and cosmeticaphobic and until ~6 months ago, I owned maybe 2-3 bottles of 10+ year old nail polish and HATED having my nails painted. Today I am addicted to practicing nail art and I have quickly amassed 200-300+ bottles of nail polish in the past couple of months to fuel my obsession. I now view my nails as tiny canvases. I like to experiment with different types of nail art methods but mostly stick to free hand and nail stamping (most frequently referred to as "konad" only because that's the brand name that made it popular in the States) or a mix of the two. I'm still pretty new to this community so I spend a lot of time learning new tricks and tips by reading lots of nail art blogs/tutorials and by trial-and-error. My favorite part of the manicure process is the design application process post-base application to pre-topcoat. My least favorite part is cleaning up my cuticles/skin after I apply polish. Clean-up takes longer than any other step in my process because I have never been able to paint my nails without flooding my cuticles with polish, no matter how careful I try to be.

Anyway, I will focus only on nail polish and nail art on this blog. I will document every manicure and am excited to see how my hobby develops. As far as the rest of my life, I'm a 20-something woman working toward a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I've been married for 4+ years and have 2 teen-age stepsons, 2 dogs, a cat, and a mouse and my other passion is science, especially research pertaining to human behavior. I love science fiction, detective shows (e.g. Law & Order, Criminal Minds, etc.), Stella Artois, sleeping in, and RuPaul.