Polish Stampability Info

Below is a list of all of the polishes from my collection that can be used with Konad/fauxnad (are "stampable"). I've tested my entire polish collection (with the exception of most sheers and glitters) to determine its stampability over both light and dark colors. Below is a list of all of my stampable "regular" nail polishes followed by either a 1 (stamps over light colors only), 2 (stamps over dark colors only), or 3 (stamps well over both light AND dark colors). I've also included any comments I noted to myself during testing.
 I know it's a little anal retentive but I like to be thorough and I haven't seen a list like this anywhere else on the web (other than Sasse's Stamping Stampede's and Lacquer Files' awesome lists which unfortunately haven't been updated in quite a while). When I use any of these in a konadicure, I'll link the photo so you can see it in action.

Work In Progress!!