My Polish Collection Swatches: Part 1 - Nail Wheel 101

To inventory my polish collection, I've swatched every polish I have on nail wheels for easy reference. Here they are, in case you are interested. Starting with wheel 101, the following entries will include pictures of the swatches under different lighting environments. I will add one entry for each wheel instead of one SUPER pic-heavy one.
The numbers correspond to the list, which indicates the brand, polish name, line/collection/edition (if applicable), and bottle number.

Natural light (outdoors), white background
Nail Wheel 101
  1. China Glaze Admire 695- Romantique Collection*
  2. Borghese Plumaggio Purple 350
  3. Borghese Patina Pearl 130
  4. Borghese Palermo Plum 325
  5. Borghese  Mezzanotte Blue 360
  6. Borghese Milano Taupe 330
  7. Borghese Capri Coral 215
  8. Borghese Belissima Rose 310
  9. China Glaze Metallic Muse 844 - Khrome Collection**
  10. China Glaze Inner Beauty 616
  11. China Glaze Golden Meringue 072
  12. China Glaze Go Go Pink 546
  13. China Glaze For Audrey 625
  14. China Glaze Emotion 689 - Romantique Collection*
  15. China Glaze Delight 688 - Romantique Collection*
  16. China Glaze Chiaroscuro 102
  17. China Glaze Cherish 693 - Romantique Collection*
  18. China Glaze Awaken 691 - Romantique Collection*

Indoors w/flash, black background

Indoors w/flash, white background
  If anyone wants to see a full swatch or manicure with any of these colors, just leave a comment letting me know. I like it when people pick my polish for me (I'm too indecisive so it takes me forever!).
* = Discontinued
** = Discontinued and hard to find (HTF)
*** = Discontinued for ages and VERY HTF

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